I am a Student needing help with my password

Are you having trouble logging in to a district service, website or application?

If you don't know your password you will first need to ask your teacher for it.

First try using a different browser and/or clearing cookies and cache. Remember the district recommends FireFox.

Next try logging in here with the last password you remember: Sign in to powerchool
If powershool is working your password most-likely is OK.

If your password still does not work: Submit a request to reset your password

    • For email use your school email account StudentID@stu.sandi.net
      • Example 123456@stu.sandi.net
    • Include "Password Reset" in subject
    • Give any relevant information in description
    • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 4 PM (normal working hours)
    • Respond time: 30-40 minutes
      • disabled accounts can take up to 24 hours

There are multiple reasons for your password expiring or your account getting disabled. Here are a few things that can help:

  • You typed your password wrong too many times and your accounts is now disabled.
  • Caps lock was on
  • keyboard was not working properly
  • Only try a password three times; if it does not work ask your teacher for help and to confirm your password.
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